News & Dates

2022, May

HERBRAND obtains environmental certification according to ISO 14001:2015, the globally approved standard for environmental management systems.

Holders of the certification commit to continuously improve their environmental performance, meet legal and other obligations and achieve set environmental targets.

2020, July

Murchin site received manufacturing licence (laboratory).

2020, January

The aim of the overall project (TBI-V-1-197-VBU-068) is the production development of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) derived from an animal by-product (waste-product), as a part of a worldwide novel production process.

The project is being processed within a research consortium. Research partners are the working group of Prof. Uwe Bornscheuer, which resides at the institute of biochemistry of the university of Greifswald, and the Herbrand PharmaChemicals GmbH, at the operating site Anklam. 

The active pharmaceutical ingredient is being used in multiple medicinal products, some of them are being used in highly ethical and life-threatening indications, especially for children. Therefore, the aim of the project is the production of the issued substance in a manner which results in a high-quality product, sufficient to the Ph. Eur. legislative, to allow the application of the gained substance in medicinal products. For this purpose, a GMP-sufficient analytic laboratory is being established in addition to the development of the necessary synthesis procedures within this project. This laboratory allows the establishment of all methods necessary for an entirely analysis of the raw material as well as every intermediates, by- and end-products.

2017, December
HPC is sponsored by European funds.

2017, January    
HPC expands its business by obtaining a new site in Murchin near Anklam (Baltic Sea). The aim is to manufacture active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) derived from animal sources.